6 natural recipes for skin rejuvenation

apply face cream

Every woman wants to keep her youth as long as possible, although not everyone can talk about it openly. As we age, wrinkles appear, dark circles appear under our eyes, and looking at ourselves in the mirror isn't as exciting as it once was. It seems that today the problem is not only due to age, because wrinkles and pigmentation are already starting to appear even in young women, because the condition in which we live is also important. Our grandmothers ate differently, they had a different daily life, they breathed fresh air and drank clean water. The sun today is also "different". We will try to tell you how to protect your skin in these conditions, because everyone wants to stay young and beautiful no matter what.

#1 Moisturizer

Since our body is made up of water, moisturizing the skin is one of the prerequisites for beauty. To make a homemade moisturizer, you need to combine butter, whipped cream, and honey in a blender. Apply the cream on your face and wait an hour.

#2 Anti-Aging Salad

We all know that beauty starts from within. This is why nutrition is so important for the skin. This salad will energize your skin, protect from the sun and improve blood circulation. Mix strawberries, kiwi, walnuts, blueberries and serve with fresh homemade orange juice.

#3 Acne & Pimples Medicine

Many girls suffer from acne and blackheads. Due to poor handling, acne spots may remain after acne. To remove this defect, we need to mix lemon juice, yeast and water. Leave this mask on for 10 minutes and then wash it off.

#4 Anti-aging facial skin

Skin cells die regularly and therefore need to be removed from the surface for the skin to function properly. Mix white sugar, brown sugar, ground almonds, and olive oil. Apply the mask to the face and gently wipe the skin.

#5 Hair care

As we age, our hair becomes sparse and dull. For beautiful hair again, use a hair conditioner made with mayonnaise, coconut oil and coconut extract.

#6 Exfoliate your lips

The skin of the lips is very delicate and needs special care. To remove dead skin cells, you need to use lotion, ground coffee, and salt scrubs.

Take care of yourself and always make yourself beautiful.